How to remove Acne and Pimples from Your skin easily..???

There are few tips to remove acne and pimples from your skin to glow and pimple-free face, to look attractive and glorious. Use these ingredients and supplementsĀ andĀ have healthy skin.

1- Use aloe Vera gel with turmeric helps to remove acne. And pimples. This will also remove dirt from your skin and gives you glowing skin.
2-Apply Neem mask for 15 minutes in a day it helps to reduce your acne or pimples and after applying face pack rinses thoroughly with warm water. (div for home).
3- Wash your face twice daily with warm water and apply moisturizer this will keep your skin hydrating and keeps acne away and reduce headache also.
4- Apply apple cider vinegar in your face it is the unfiltered juice of pressed apples, apply it with cotton balls let sit for (5-20 seconds). Rinse with water and pat dry repeat this (1-2 times) a day to prevent your skin from acne.
5-Take a zinc supplement because zinc essential nutrient required for cell growth take zinc supplement three times a day it also helps to remove acne in Five weeks.
6-Make honey and cinnamon mask both are excellent sources of antioxidants mix two tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder apply it for 10 to 20 minutes it will help in relief with acne.
7-Drink green tea daily will keep your skin, and body healthy and fight with acne because green tea consists of very high oxidants which help to give you clean and good skin.
8-There is a homemade scrub of salt and coconut oil scrub for 15 to 20 twice in a week for best results this will remove dead skin cells from your skin and purify your skin.
9- Do not take with the stress because stress releases some hormones which are not beneficial for skin, and cause skin damage, so please reduce stress this will surely help you to prevent your skin from acne.
10- Do exercise daily this will keep your skin and your body healthy because exercise regulates hormones and this will help to heal your acne.
11- Use tea tree oil combine tea tree oil with one spoon of water and apply it with help of cotton balls directly on pimples repeat this process one to two times a day you can also use some oils like coconut and fish supplement oil.
12- Do not follow an unhealthy diet to follow a balanced diet consisting of essential minerals try to drink fruit and vegetable juices daily and do not eat junk food.
13-Take facial and cleanup every month this will help to remove dirt and dead skin cells from your skin and gives you beautiful skin and also an attractive face.
14- Take one aspirin pill to crush it and add some drops of water to make a thick paste, and apply it on your acne for 15, minutes this will give you an acne-prone skin.
15-Use egg whites will tighten your skin and gives an acne-free face to you and make your skin glowing.
16-Take steam twice a day this will open your skin pores, and reduce oil from the skin when the oil removes your acne will also remove.
17- Take fullers earth with few drops of rose water and one tablespoon of sandalwood powder this will helps to cool your skin and provide hydrating skin (only for oily skins).
18-Apply potato juice with few drops of lemon juice for 10 minutes on your skin potato helps to remove oil and lemon helps to remove blackness and gives you a glowing skin.
19- Avoid touching your face permanently because our hands consist of most of the bacteria which harm our skin and result in skin infection also drink Two liters of water daily this will keep your skin hydrating and reduce acne.
20-Use ice cubes on acne before it starts growing it will also reduce your pain and helps to prevent new acne.

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