beauty tips for girls.

some Personal care facts for your Skin

Some factors for glowing skin (home remedies) due to corona vacation. we all are at home so this is the perfect time to glow your skin, here are some beauty factors that will help you skin slowing, hair fall and all.

  • Make a paste by mixing soaked almonds and honey. Apply it on the face and neck and massage it. Do this continuously for a few days. this will make skin glowing.
  • By drinking 2 glasses of water in the morning, the organs inside the body are more active and on the face. it shines.also, by drinking stale mouth water, the dirt inside your body is also cleaned and improve also dirt.
  • To remove Russi from your hair, mix two spoons of aloe vera juice and two spoons of lemon juice and apply it well and wash the hair.
  • To reduce forehead wrinkles. mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with two or three tablespoons of water. use a dip cotton ball in the mixture and apply it on your forehead. allow it to dry. wash your face and water.
  • Start with mixing a tablespoon each of cinnamon powder and lemon juice. you can also add a pinch of turmeric powder to it. apply this paste in your face for 10-15 minutes, and rinse it off with normal water. cinnamon helps to tighten the pores and improve blood circulation. lemon juice is loaded with antibacterial properties that help to fight acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  • Apply raw milk (without oiling) on the lips removes the blackness of the lips.
  • Applying aloe vera gets tightness the skin and reduces wrinkles and the skin starts healing on its own.
  • Mix two teaspoons of fresh aloe vera gel in hot water and steam it on the face. it gives you clear, healthy glowing and soft skin. do it two times in a week.
  • Applying baking soda in rose water removes dead skin and turns a fair complexion.
  • Rubbing lemon peel on the teeth removes the yellowing of teeth.
  • Eating a small piece of ginger with lukewarm water on an empty stomach every morning makes the skin beautiful and shiny.
  • An ice pack keep it for five to ten minutes and repeat at frequent intervals. ice will reduce blood flow to the inflamed area and reduce inflammation.
  • Applying coconut water on the face makes the skin shiny. coconut water also hydrates the skin, which makes the skin look fresh and young, thus reducing facial wrinkles.
  • Rubbing orange peel on teeth removes bed breaths, kills bacteria and whitens teeth naturally.
  • Kiwi is the world”s most powerful fruit. consuming the fruit ends disease related to the eyes and increases eyesight.
  • Finely grind burnt charcoal massage it on the teeth with the help of your fingers, this is a very effective recipe to remove yellowing of teeth.
  • If your teeth are more yellow, then you rub the lemon on your teeth twice a week, gradually the teeth will start to clear.
  • Grind 8 to 10 cloves and mix in coconut oil will be beneficial in headache.
  • Eating one small piece of jaggery daily clears the skin tone, causing the skin to glow spots and rash. in short, it is an excellent treatment for many skin problems.





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